Wilderness & Remote First Aid

| Course Details |


DURATION: 20hours

SETTING: OUTSIDE! Mother Nature permitting. Unique to each course scheduled.

SCHEDULING: Unique to each course scheduled.

COMPLETION: 100% attendance, skills demonstration, and 75% minimum on exam.

CERTIFICATE: Red Cross Wilderness & Remote First Aid with CPR-C/AED

VALIDATION: Certificate is valid for 3 years.

RECERTIFICATION: Prior to expiration date you may recertify through our Wilderness & Remote First Aid Recertification course. Expired certifications must take full course again.

| Pre-Requisites |

• None
• Prior training allows us to enhance what you know and apply it to a wilderness/remote setting.
• Even Paramedics/Nurses/Fire/Health Practitioners find this course helpful because it is set in a non-clinical setting where they do not have their equipment and trained team of people to assist.

| Who is this course for? |

Anyone who lives, works, or plays in rural, remote, or wilderness areas. This course is NOT exclusively for people who seek adventurous activities in the backcountry wilderness. We would like to emphasize that this course is for ANYONE who may be required to provide care in an emergency for more than 30 minutes or who may have extraordinary challenges in providing care until they care arrive at a medical facility. This course will cover the basic essentials required to assess injuries/illnesses and provide care for up to 24hours.

Examples of people who have attended this course:
• Rural farmers and family
• Recreational ATV / Snowmobile riders
• Recreational Hunting & Fishing enthusiasts
• Employees in Environmental and Exploration industries
• Outdoor Recreation adventurers (paddling, hiking, camping, boating, climbing, etc)
• Outdoor Educators and Leaders of specialty programs
• Youth involved in outdoor programs
• Horseback riders
• Remote Workplace employees
• Anyone who drives long distances in rural areas between urban centers
• Volunteer Responders in rural areas
• You.

This course should leave you wanting more training!

Wilderness & Remote First Aid training will:

• Introduce you to the skills & knowledge you need to assess injury or illness when you may not be able to access medical advice or Google.
• Provide some guidance on how to manage situational emergencies and evaluate the need and logistics to evacuate a sick/injured person
• Offer you suggestions on how to improvise bandaging, splinting, and injury care with what you normally would carry
• Give you ample opportunity to practice practical applications of splints, bandages, spinal management and hypothermia wraps
• Challenge your learning through scenarios staged with injuries/illnesses in settings directly correlational to your choice of activity
• Provide conversation on challenges in the backcountry including communications, navigation, short term survival and environmental factors

| Wilderness First Aid (WRFA) vs Standard First Aid (SFA) |

| Red Cross Course Content List |

1. Planning
2. Group & Personal Health
3. Assessment
- Scene
- Person: injury/illness
- Triage
4. Airway & Breathing Emergencies
5. Circulation Emergencies
6. Choking, CPR, & AED Skills
- Death in the wilderness
7. Head & Spinal Injuries
- Spinal immobilization
- Improvised C-collars
- Moving a patient
- Long term care considerations

8. Wound Care
9. Bone, Muscle, Joint Injuries
- Splints and slings
- Mobile and immobile patients
10. Sudden Medical Emergencies
11. Environmental Emergencies
- Heat related
- Cold related
- Hypothermia wraps
12. Poisons
13. Long Term Care Considerations
14. Evacuation Planning

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