| Backcountry Injury & Emergency |

Do you have the capacity to manage an emergency when you have to wait extended periods of time for medical or evacuation assistance? Are you confident in yourself or your group to manage an illness or injury that requires you to self exit?

The more remote we find ourselves, the more complicated any emergency becomes, even the minor ones. The decision to stay or go is not made lightly by anyone and always with consequence we may not be prepared for. Caregivers are often times under an immense amount of stress in backcountry emergencies but training does help to minimize this in many situations.

| Upcoming Courses |

  • Aug 9-11 | 20hr REMOTE FIRST AID Saskatoon $275
  • Sept. 20-22 | 20hr REMOTE FIRST AID (& camp!) @ Buffalo Pound $285
  • Oct. 4-6 | 20hr REMOTE FIRST AID @ Sage Creek Prairie School (Swift Current) $285
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    Back40 is a Training Partner for the Canadian Red Cross. We offer the following Wilderness First Aid Courses - and we have LOTS to tell you about each individual course!

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