“Thanks very much for the opportunity to take your 20 hr WRFA course.  Every bit of the content was of great value with lots of new stuff and a chance to refresh and practice what I already new.  Highlights for me were the authentic and sustained scenarios, repetition of the full assessment sequence and the forms. I will be putting waterproofed copies in my pack! One specific segment of great value was the discussion of crush injuries and the use of tourniquets. Thank goodness I haven't faced these situations in the past, and there have been many situations where these could have occurred, since I'm sure I would have done the wrong thing. 
It was also very valuable to take this course with other SAR volunteers. I had the impression there was a shared sense of purpose that helped motivate everyone to keep focused and no grumbling about the 'facilities' or your pace. It was a privilege to take this training with your SSAR team."

Daryll Sewell
North Corman Park Search and Rescue


“I signed up for the WRFA course with Back40 in April. I have always had my First Aid training for the last 10 years and I was not sure how doing the WRFA was going to be any different and make me more confident. However, I have to say that Rebecca brought my confidence and my skill level to a much higher level. She has a way to teach that I have never seen before. This was by far the BEST first aid course I have taken in my entire life. The way she builds her scenarios are unique and realistic. And having to do this course outside made this even more lifelike. I gained lots of confidence in my first aid capabilities and I am looking forward to doing my next level of first aid with her. I would recommend this course to everyone. Do not wait for the day you need it, you need to be ready before it happens.”

Jean-Simon Lessard
Canadian Armed Forces


“As a recent Saskatoon Search and Rescue Member, I had known Rebecca in a professional manner from her SSAR lectures. I was keen to join her Wilderness First Aid class she facilitated. Having my Standard First Aid previously from another provider and having experienced incidents in the backcountry with dirt bikes and snowmobiles, I still wondered if there was more I could do, or if I was fully prepared to help a person in need. Rebecca did a great job using scenarios and hands on experience that allowed me to grasp and understand the important concepts that a typical instructor had not done before.

I now feel much more confident taking the lead in a first aid event should it occur. Just like those who took it before me and those who take it after me, we do not do it for ourselves, but for others that also enjoy the backcountry. It’s hard to understand the importance until you or your friend are the ones in need of help and find yourself questioning your actions or are put into a worse situation for the actions that have occurred."

Beau Drieschner
Saskatoon Search and Rescue

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