Winter Wise – 3 Part Series with Weekend Overnight


WINTER READY? – 3 Part Series to Prepare for Winter Activities

Wednesday 6:30-9pm Nov. 1, 8, & 15

You cannot let winter and your aversion to cold / dark stop you from enjoying the beauty of outdoor activity through 5+ months of the year!  Join this 3 part series to boost  your confidence to continue outdoor activities all winter long!

SERIES SCHEDULE includes group hike in/out to lesson site.  You will NEED to be prepared to be out in dark with a group in safe and familiar trails and  be dressed warm enough not to become uncomfortable.

  • Layers, gear for added safety, and trip planning
  • Emergency shelters and fires – basic survival
  • Winter camping intro


  • Saturday Nov. 18 – Sunday Nov. 19th:  This will be determined by the group.  Some options include PANP, Narrow Hills / Gem Lakes, Blackstrap PP, Nesbit Forest.  Details will be finalized with input from the group participants and previous participants closer to.

COST:  $90+GST

LOCATION & WEATHER:  Local urban-rural interfaces within the Meewasin Valley & Saskatoon area. We will choose different trail areas for each session.  This will be communicated to the group before each session.  These events will run, regardless of the weather – we will adapt!

GEAR:  You do NOT need “all the gear” to participate in this series. You will get many ideas about gear, clothing, and skills but you do not need to bring anything to show your experience or lack-thereof to the sessions.  Details will be sent prior to each session so you can prepare your gear and clothing for the upcoming one!  But you will need:

  • You will need to be dressed for whatever the weather will be, have a “day pack” of your own essentials to be out for 3 hours, and be self-sufficient.
  • A thermos of warm water or fluids will be helpful to many
  • Hand warmers / Toe warmers are helpful
  • Sit pad for the ground is helpful

COMMUNITY CULTURE:  It is my goal to host this series as a way to share my experience, demonstrate sound leadership in outdoor settings, foster skill development in areas we are weak, and share my knowledge of common gear/brands.  Those with experience and a good sense of community usually feel compelled to share and I encourage any participant in the group to share their own voice of experience or ask questions of curiosity.  Let’s build a community who supports, encourages, and inspires each other  to enjoy the outdoors in our own individual way!  This series is for beginners and all those who still value the opportunity to learn!



Are you winter READY?

This Series is perfect for anyone who has a) taken a Trip Wise & Trail ready series already or b) feels experienced hiking but wants to better prepare for winter hikes & activities.

Don’t let winter keep you from getting out on the trail!  Whether you are hiking, snowshoeing, fat-tire riding, or cross country skiing – it is always a little more challenging to be prepared for winter activities.  This 3 part series will challenge all participants to better prepare their gear, clothing and confidence to ensure their winter activities are as safe as possible!

You do NOT need to have ALL THE GEAR.  You need to come prepared to be on the trail for 3 hours, dressed for whatever the weather is, and be willing to learn from ALL the participants in the group!

Each session will begin and end with a group hike so we get some exercise and start to test our packs, our clothing layers and trail feet.  Details will come out before each session to help you better prepare!

1. Good habits:  Layers, Cold Weather Gear, and Trip Planning

This session will start indoors so we can discuss layers and gear changes for winter activities before we take off on a one hour hike.  Headlamps are a must!

2.  Basic Winter Survival:  Shelters, Fires, and Reducing Cold Stress

This session will have us experimenting with emergency shelters and protecting ourselves from the increasing cold.

3.  Cold Weather Camping

We will do a set-up & take down of camp to practice with our gear (or learn from others gear supply) and experiment with ways to improve comfort and sleep while attempting to winter camp.


OPTIONAL WINTER HIKE & CAMP:  November 18-19th  

Details TBD by the group.  Optional for participants in any previous series.  Costs associated with this event will be determined and shared by those participating.