May 28-30 | UPGRADE 20hr to 40hr WRFA



  • Friday May 28th @ 6:30pm to Sunday May 30th @5:30pm
  • If you are unable to overnight for this course that is ok! Please contact Back40 for course schedule details.

LOCATION:  Tentative: St. Volodymyr Camp off Highway 60 –  Location to be confirmed closer to course and directions will be communicated with registered students.

WEATHER DEPENDING OVERNIGHT: We will confirm the overnight option for this course in early May.  The course will run regardless, but overnight option will need to be finalized.

COST:  $220 + GST


Students will be expected to be self-sufficient for the course.  Food, water, personal clothing needs, etc.  A “DAY PACk” of sorts that is similar to what you may reasonably take with you on your own outdoor adventures is necessary.  We encourage students to improvise using what they have however Back40 does provide larger equipment to practice with like tarps, sleeping bags, and ground pads.

HELMETS:  Each student is encouraged to bring any outdoor sport helmet they might have (cycling, ATV/Snowmobile, climbing, paddling, etc)

A detailed course outline and what to bring will be sent to all participants after registration is complete.

CERTIFICATION / RE-Certification:  

Canadian Red Cross 40hr Wilderness First Aid UPGRADE – valid 3yrs

PRE-REQUISITES: 20hr Remote First Aid (formerly called 20hr Wilderness & Remote First Aid)


Do you have a current 20hr Remote First Aid?

This UPGRADE Course allows anyone with a CURRENT 20hr Remote First Aid to UPGRADE to the 40hr Wilderness First Aid.

This course is for you if:

  • You have a current 20hr Remote First Aid and wish to UPGRADE to the 40hr WFA
  • You participate in high risk or high impact backcountry activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, remote paddling, snowmobiling, ATV riding, horseback riding, multi-day backcountry trips etc
  • You generally seek adventure in backcountry settings that could require 24-48hr wait for rescue assistance
  • You are motivated to progressively improve your first aid skill set
  • You are in a position of Leadership in a backcountry group (guide, teacher, trip leader, camp counsellor, event leader)

Added content not in 20hr Course:

  • Long term care of implements and possible removal of
  • Helmet removals
  • Discontinuing Spinal Precautions
  • Realigning Fractures
  • Managing more traumatic injuries to pelvis & femur, compound injuries
  • Reducing Shoulder Dislocations
  • Altitude Illnesses
  • Pneumonia and other worsening medical illness in the backcountry
  • Long term wound care strategies
  • When possible:  night scenario (Back40 added value!)

This course will also require students to demonstrate basic skills they acquired in their 20hr Remote First Aid.  All skills progress on each other.

You will be certified in the Canadian Red Cross 40hr Wilderness First Aid inc CPR/AED

  • valid for 3 years
  • meets Occupational Health & Safety requirements

Our Class is OUTDOORS!

We take great pride in using our outdoor classroom places to enhance the content of the Wilderness First Aid program.  Every minute spent outdoors adds real life value to the content.    This varies on location and season. All courses will have a back-up indoor option for when weather is unfavourable for the less active content.  We will ALWAYS have outdoor components even if we are set up indoors for some of the content.


Back40 would like to anticipate that the weather will be favourable enough for this course that we will be able to host it as an “overnighter”!  This means that students will have the option to camp for the duration of the course on site.  Usually the group will break for a longer supper hour before doing some scenarios in the late evening / dark.  This is an added learning opportunity.   Details about the overnight options and course schedule will be updated closer to. 


We also ask that each participant bring a “day pack” that would be similar to what you would carry on a day trip or work trip outdoors so that you can use items you would likely have with you.  There is no wrong way to do anything when you are improvising.

  • A detailed WHAT TO BRING list will be sent to course participants upon registration and closer to the course date.
  • Some sport specific items are helpful in this course:  PFD, Climbing tools like slings/webbing, hiking poles, etc.
  • HELMET – All students are encouraged to bring any personal sport helmet they may have for their activities.  This allows the class to practice a variety of helmet removal skills.


You likely do not have the NEW EDITION of the Canadian Red Cross Wilderness & Remote Field Guide (2020).  If you do not – this can be provided at an additional cost.