March 22-24| 40hr Wilderness First Aid RECERT (40hr pre-req)



  • Friday March 22nd 6:30-9pm  
  • Saturday & Sunday March 23-24th 8:30am-6:30pm
  • There may be an adjustment to Saturday’s schedule to allow for a later evening scenario.

LOCATION:  Rural park location 20 min outside Saskatoon near Pike Lake. We do have indoor shelter from weather. We will HIKE IN from our parking area –  How fun & authentic!  Location disclosed to registered participants. 

CAMPING – Please camp if you wish! Lots of fire wood, heated indoor facility as a back-up.  You will need to hike in a short 5 min walk.

COST:  $245+gst  (You will NOT get a new manual – please bring your old one)


Students will be expected to be self-sufficient for the course.  Food, water, personal clothing needs, etc.  A “DAY PACk” of sorts that is similar to what you may reasonably take with you on your own outdoor adventures is necessary.  We encourage students to improvise using what they have however Back40 does provide larger equipment to practice with like tarps, sleeping bags, and ground pads.

Students WILL NEED to be prepared to spend the days outside.  Regardless of the weather.  For all day rain events we will try to organize an indoor space – but you might also end up under tarps!

Students should be self-sufficient for camping but please do not hesitate to inquire if you need any particular gear!

A detailed course outline and what to bring will be sent to all participants after registration is complete.

CERTIFICATION / RE-Certification:  

Canadian Red Cross Wilderness First Aid inc. CPR/AED – valid 3yrs

PRE-REQUISITES: 40hr Wilderness First Aid (or Advanced Wilderness First Aid- not expired)


Our Class is OUTDOORS!

We take great pride in using our outdoor classroom places to enhance the content of the Wilderness First Aid program.  Every minute spent outdoors adds real life value to the content.    This varies on location and season. All courses will have a back-up indoor option for when weather is unfavourable for the less active content.  We will ALWAYS have outdoor components even if we are set up indoors for some of the content.

What to Bring?

We ask that each participant bring a “day pack” that would be similar to what you would carry on a day trip or work trip outdoors so that you can use items you would likely have with you.  There is no wrong way to do anything when you are improvising.

  • A detailed WHAT TO BRING list will be sent to course participants upon registration and closer to the course date.
  • A personal helmet, PFD, and other recreational sporting gear is beneficial in this course.
  • Students must bring their own food, water, camp chairs, and personal needs.


CURRENT 40hr Wilderness First Aid.  (must show proof if not a Back40 Alumni, must not be expired)

Your willingness to join an outdoor class and enjoy the fresh air learning experience we plan to provide you is all that we ask!