JUNE 11-13| 20hr Remote First Aid for CYCLISTS



  • Friday June 11th: 6:30 – 9:00pm camp set up and intro content
  • Saturday June 12th:  8:30am overnight to Sunday June 13th 5:30pm

LOCATION:  Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

CAUTION:  This course is designed specifically for Mountain Bike Riders!  If you do not have a mountain bike nor do you ride trails – please inquire before registering!

COST:  $300 + GST

OVERNIGHT DETAILS:  This course is being planned around the participants camping overnight for the two nights.  Details are being finalized for site location.  Park entrance fees will be at the expense of the participants.  If you do not want to camp, you are welcome to leave for the evening after the content is done.  Emails will be sent around June 1st with further details. 


Your mountain bike and riding gear.

Students will be expected to be self-sufficient for the course.  Food, water, personal clothing needs, etc.  A “DAY PACk” of sorts that is similar to what you may reasonably take with you on your rides.  We encourage students to improvise using what they have however Back40 does provide larger equipment to practice with like tarps, sleeping bags, and ground pads.

Your camping gear.  Food. Water.

A detailed course outline and what to bring will be sent to all participants after registration is complete.

CERTIFICATION / RE-Certification:  

Canadian Red Cross Remote First Aid inc. CPR/AED – valid 3yrs

  • Please inquire if you are needing a RE-CERTIFICATION for this certificate.

PRE-REQUISITES: Mountain Bike riding experience of various levels


Saskatchewan Mountain Bikers!  This course is for YOU!!!

This Remote First Aid course has been specifically created for local mountain bike riders for good reason!  The single track and trail systems in our beautiful parks are evolving and more riders are seeking the thrill of new trails, new features, and remote tracks!  With that comes more chance for injury and often times in pretty hard to access areas.  No one plans to get hurt….but when they do, your first aid matters!

Join us at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park where we will take our classroom to the trails…with your bikes!  

This course is designed to challenge you to use good sense, your own gear, and first aid best practices.  The majority of backcountry mishaps will be things you can treat and continue on as planned or at least exit on your own (and you likely already know this!).  Others may require more elaborate care and emergency evacuation.  This will all take time.    This 20 hour course starts with the foundations of first aid and challenges you to manage an emergency in a remote setting for 6 hours or more – possibly overnight – with the minimal gear that you ride with.

You will be certified in the Canadian Red Cross Remote First Aid inc CPR/AED

  • valid for 3 years
  • meets Occupational Health & Safety requirements

Remote First Aid content:

  • Patient assessment – from Start to Finish and Top to Bottom
  • Shock management – minimize it before it’s irreversable
  • Bleeding control and tourniquet use – you cannot replace blood in the backcountry
  • Wound management and dressing in the backcountry – make better “bandaids”!
  • Fractures & Basic Splinting – improvise for patient comfort and mobility to return to the trucks
  • Hot and Cold emergencies – they can be worse than you think!
  • Impalements – when to leave them alone and how to stabilize them when needed
  • Choking Emergencies – we all eat in the backcountry!
  • Allergic reactions – minor and severe
  • Trauma / Spinals – the stuff you can’t fix and how small things matter
  • CPR / AED – although very few will have an AED in the backcountry we will still cover it for all our front country emergencies too
  • How to “hurry up and wait” – backcountry rescues take TIME!
  • All the rest!

The intent of this course is to camp together at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park (site locations TBD) and take our content to certain trail sections throughout the weekend.  Participants are encouraged to bring their bikes and riding gear so that we can leave camp during the day.  There will also be an evening scenario planned to highlight the complexities of things when it get’s dark.

CAMPING DETAILS:  Please be patient as we finalize coordinating the camping portion of this course.  This will be a self sufficient camping experience – no food, water, gear will be provided.  Park Fees are at the expense of the participant. 

What to Bring?

Your bike and riding gear.  We also ask that each participant bring a “day pack” that would be similar to what you would carry on a day riding the trails so that you can use items you would likely have with you.  There is no wrong way to do anything when you are improvising.  If you do not normally take anything – we still ask that you bring the comforts you will need for the day like food, water, extra clothing (you will just have do improvise without your stuff if that is how you ride!)

  • A detailed WHAT TO BRING list will be sent to course participants upon registration and closer to the course date.


There are no pre-requisites to this class.  Having “first aid training” prior to the class allows students to build upon their current foundation but the content is appropriate for anyone.  Youth under 16 are required to attend with a parent.

Your willingness to join an outdoor class and enjoy the fresh air learning experience we plan to provide you is all that we ask!

Did you hear about Covid?

Covid precautions are something our entire society has come to adopt and should not be unfamiliar to our incoming students.  Back40 closely monitors current Saskatchewan Health Directives as well as guidelines outlined by the Canadian Red Cross.  The effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 is a community effort and therefore our strategies are communicated with each class after registration and ongoing throughout the class.  Students adoption of our strategies and their contribution to the collective health and low risk experience in Back40 classes is the key to our continued Covid free learning environment. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more details.