July 19| Parents & Kids Trail Aid Basics


Please email BACK40TRAINING@GMAIL.COM to register you and your children!

Children must be accompanied by an adult to participate TOGETHER!

SCHEDULE:  9:30am – 4:30pm 

LOCATION:  Saskatoon Meewasin Park (Meeting Location to be confirmed with registered participants closer to and weather dependant)

COST:  The cost structure is based on per person / age.  Children MUST attend with an adult.

  • $45 / Adult
  • $30 / Child age 8-13


  • Lunch / Snacks – we will rest and socialize over a working lunch break
  • Water – whatever you need for the day
  • Day Pack – whatever you would normally have with you on a day trip for your activity
  • EXTRA Long Sleeve shirt – please bring an EXTRA long sleeve shirt/sweater to practice skills with
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray / Hat
  • Camp Chair (or not – your choice!)

A detailed “what to bring” list  will be sent to all participants after registration is complete.




This event is best for ages 8-13 but please inquire if your children are outside this age range.


  • You take for granted that you will always be able and available to provide first aid care when needed – but put little consideration into the fact that it might be YOU who needs it.
  • As children age, they become more independent.  They are absolutely capable and wise enough to provide first aid to their friends, self, and to you!

Join me (Mom of 2!) to spend the day learning and practicing first aid skills with your children.


  • Choking – because everyone eats when they are outdoors!
  • Bleeding management – when bandaids won’t be enough!
  • Improvised slings using what you have like clothing
  • Arm splints – improvised using what you have
  • Rolls & Recovery positions – for when they just won’t/can’t get up
  • Q & A student choice

Our Class is OUTDOORS!

We take great pride in using our outdoor classroom places to enhance the content of the Wilderness First Aid program.  Every minute spent outdoors adds real life value to the content.    This varies on location and the weather.  This course will be OUTSIDE.  There will be no indoor option for this course.  Only unsafe weather (storms) will cancel this course,  however all day rain may change our location of choice and duration.

What to Bring?

We also ask that each participant bring a “day pack” that would be similar to what you would carry on a day trip or work trip outdoors so that you can use items you would likely have with you.  There is no wrong way to do anything when you are improvising.

  • A detailed WHAT TO BRING list will be sent to course participants upon registration and closer to the course date.
  • Students must bring their own needs for the day:  food, water, sunscreen, bug spray, clothing, camp chair, etc.


There are no pre-requisites to this class.  Having “first aid training” prior to the class allows students to build upon their current foundation but the content is appropriate for anyone.

Your willingness to join an outdoor class and enjoy the fresh air learning experience we plan to provide you is all that we ask!