Guided Multi-Day Hike: NUT POINT TRAIL July 15-18


Hike Nut Point Trail:  A guided camping/hiking experience for those who aspire to complete the Nut Point trail in a supported multi-day backpacking trip!

July 15-18th  (see general schedule below)

Interested individuals can “register” by emailing to express interest and intention to join.  This allows for pre-trip screening and an introduction to each other before you fully commit.

This is a participatory guided experience.  This means that I will provide support in planning, trail navigation, camp chores, safety/contingency plans, and morale – but I will not cook for you or set up your tent 🙂 But I will help you learn to do things you struggle with and I will share all my tips/ideas as the opportunity arises.  This event is not just about hiking/backpacking the trail but also about learning skills and supporting others in this adventure!

For your investment I provide the following:

  • Skill instruction for trail navigation, camp set up, tarps/knots, and more!
  • July 15th campsites
  • Trip plan templates for you to fill out for me & your contacts
  • Packing checklists.
  • Organize group details with SaskParks staff.
  • Be available for one-on-one help with planning/prepping for those who need a little more.
  • Assist with meal planning for those who need a little more assistance – will share my food plan for reference.
  • Plan safety procedures and emergency evacuation plans if necessary.
  • Group practice on bear safety and inert bear spray use before heading out.
  • Trail navigation and leadership while hiking.  Radios will be used on trail for front/back people to improve communication.
  • Assist with camp duties and provide instruction for skills people may need help with.
  • Lead the group to keep on a reasonable schedule.
  • Provide first aid assistance if need arises.
  • Manage group morale to the best of my social ability.
  • To provide you a meaningful experience that fosters skill development and self confidence in your abilities.

Group Size:  6 participants (18+)

What I cannot control but will be prepared to guide the group through:

  • Weather changes
  • Animal encounters
  • Tree falls
  • Forest Fires
  • Bad Moods and discomforts
  • Other people on the trail
  • Other random scenarios that might surprise us

COST:  $285+GST

WEATHER: As we near the event dates we will take weather into consideration as we finalize our plans.  Extreme weather for extended days may alter the event all together, however sporadic weather changes are expected over multiple days.  We will adapt the plan on trail if we are experiencing the affects of weather induced stress (heat, rain, etc).  If extreme heat is forecasted we will adapt our trail plan to accommodate cooler hours for travel and allow for more rest periods.  If there are any forest fires active in the area we will evaluate our plans based on Sask Public Safety advisories.


  • You must be equipped to participate in a multi-day backpacking event.
  • What gear don’t you have that is limiting your participation?  We can provide rental items. Please inquire!
  • You must be reasonably confident that you can physically handle a 17km hike day 1, 2 nights sleeping in the backcountry, 10km hike day 2, and 7km hike day 3.  Although there will be differing abilities we will not split up as a group to accommodate different speeds.  
  • This trail is a mixture of forest, rocks/shield, and some route finding.  In early season there will likely be trees down across the trail.  The group will be supportive to ensure everyone navigates the trail safely.
  • There is minimal opportunity for water along the trail so you will need to carry 2-4l of water depending on personal needs.

NOTE:  Planning ZOOM Meeting Tuesday July 9th 8pm for those who want to talk about preparations and Q/A beforehand.

WHATSAPP:  Every registered participant will be added to our group WhatsApp for ongoing communication and connection.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:   Due to intense planning efforts & small group availability  – no refunds will be given for cancellations received less than 6 days in advance.  You can transfer your spot to someone else and recoup the cost privately.  



A semi-supported guided group hike along the Nut Point Trail in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park.  This is a 34km out-back trail along a peninsula to Nut Point.  Participants must be relatively self sufficient with their gear but wish to have the benefits of a supported group excursion. 

Who might join this guided trip?

  • You.
  • For anyone who has aspired to do the Nut Point trail as a multi-day backpacking trip.
  • For those who may not have others to go with on this type of adventure.
  • For those comfortable with the physical demands of hiking approx. 8 hours (17km) in one day with the support of a group and equipped to camp for two nights on the trail.
  • For those who are contributors to positive group morale, camp set up and essentials, and supportive camaraderie through difficult moments.


  • Trip planning guidance on a one-on-one basis via Zoom, emails and phone calls as needed.
  • 1 planning ZOOM for the group – July 9th 8pm
  • Shared campsites July 15th
  • Supportive Leadership while on trail and in camp
  • Guided hike with trail skills / instruction on skills
  • Emergency and contingency plans, SOS device available
  • INERT Bear Spray practice at trailhead – approx. $30 value
  • Water filter for group use
  • Smiles, fresh air, challenge, rest and human connection with likeminded people

What is NOT Included:

  • Travel to & from site (we can help with carpooling arrangements with other participants)
  • Provincial Park Pass
  • Campsite after hiking if you wish to stay the night
  • Meals (we will HELP you plan food but you will bring / cook your own)
  • Backcountry gear – if you are missing specific items, we can rent/share – however it is assumed that you are mostly equipped to backpack to remote site for 2 nights / 3 days.

GEAR RENTALS:  If you need to rent any gear – please let us know! We can help you find the essentials you might be missing.

  • Tents – we have a variety of tents to rent (+$20)
  • Sleeping bags – we have a variety of options to rent (+$20)
  • Sleeping mats – we have a variety of options to rent (+$10)
  • Camp chair – we have a variety of options to rent (+$5)
  • Stove – canister stove (+$5)

A detailed SUGGESTED packing list will be sent with registration.  We will have ample items to share in camp – just ask! B40 MultiDay Packing Checklist

General Plan for the Program:

Arrive by 4pm Monday July 15th – Group Meeting & Prep

  • Shared Campsites booked in Nut Point Provincial Campground for the group
  • Meet as a group at 4pm for trip briefing & gear checks (time might change due to group needs)
  • Bear spray practice as a group
  • Emergency plan review
  • Early to bed!

Day 2 – Tuesday July 16th – Trail Day 1

  • Meet at Trailhead at 07:30am (we will decide as group night before) – move cars over to trail head parking lot
  • Hike at group’s pace to Nut Point – approx. 17km (this will be a LONG day)
  • 1 night at peninsula point

Day 3 – Wednesday July 17th – Trail Day 2

  • Breakdown camp & leave by noon
  • Return hike to Portage camp
  • Set up camp for night

Day 4 – Thursday July 18th – Trail Day 3 Homeward Bound

  • Breakdown camp & leave by 9am
  • Say goodbyes at the trailhead!


We all experience challenges differently.  The Nut Point trail is generally well groomed to the Portage camp.  From there it has been known to have several trees down and require some route finding.  Depending on the weather – this trail can also challenge people in different ways with heat, rain, changing terrain and lack of water.  This is an inland trail that does not go to water very often.  You will likely be carrying 30+/-lbs depending on your pack so you should anticipate that this will be a physically demanding day.  While I am confident we can deal with physical stress along the way – if you cannot hike 10-15km in a day then this might not be the event for you.  We will leave early on day 1 to allow for ample time before dark to reach our first camp at the peninsula point.  There are options along the way if we have to rely on a contingency plan.  I will expect that everyone participating will be in agreement that we will NOT split up the group.  This is a remote trail with little emergency access so it is imperative that we make real time group decisions the are for the benefit of all.