April 30-May 2 | Women’s Only 20hr WRFA RECERT @ Hunter Valley



  • Friday April 30th @ 7:00pm to Sunday May 2nd @ 2:00pm

LOCATION:  Hunter Valley Adventure Camp https://www.huntervalleyadventures.ca/directionsmap.html

COST:  $200 + gst (includes sleeping accommodations)


  • Students will be expected to be self-sufficient for the course.  Food, water, personal clothing needs, etc.
  • A “DAY PACk” of sorts that is similar to what you may reasonably take with you on your own outdoor adventures is necessary.  We encourage students to improvise using what they have.
  • Students will need to bring their own bedding, camping gear if tenting, and personal food prep needs.  No shared meals / food preparation will be provided.


  • Back40 Covid Health Strategy for Wilderness Classes
  • What to Bring (details)
  • Location details for Hunter Valley Camp

NEW 2020 Canadian Red Cross Wilderness Field Guide – not provided in course fee. Please inquire.



20hr Wilderness First Aid RECERTIFICATION

Join us for a fun weekend with some fellow adventurous ladies at the Hunter Valley Adventures Camp!  This 10 HOUR course is to recertify the 20hr Wilderness First Aid you may already have.  This is NOT a new full course.  

PRE-REQUISITE:  20hr Wilderness or Remote First Aid (current)

SPACE IS LIMITED!  Please inquire. 


  • Friday April 30th 7:00pm:  Arrive at Hunter Valley Adventure Camp on the evening of April 30th.  Once everyone arrives we will have a brief class introduction and get all the paperwork out of the way!
  • Saturday May 1st:  We will have a flexible day that will allow a little personal / social time in between first aid skills & scenarios.  After a supper by the fire we will set up for an evening scenario.
  • Sunday May 2nd:  An easy start to your morning may allow for a short hike or yoga by the river before we finish off some first aid discussions before wrapping up our content.
  • Schedule is tentative and fluid. 


Cabin Fees: $20 per night per person (collected at course)

There are LIMITED Cabin Accommodations for individual participants.  Cabins will not be shared unless you are a close contact to your partner already.  No bedding or other personal needs will be provided.

Tenting Fees:  $10 per night per tent (collected at course)

Students are required to bring their own food and meal prep needs.  No meals or shared prep tools will be provided.  You must be self sufficient.


BACK40 will follow up with all Registrants to confirm accommodation preference and to make arrangements to collect fees.

Remote First Aid skill/knowledge assessment:

  • Patient assessment
  • Shock management
  • Bleeding control and tourniquet use
  • Wound management and dressing in the backcountry
  • Fractures & Basic Splinting
  • Hot and Cold emergencies
  • Impalements
  • Choking Emergencies
  • Allergic reactions
  • Trauma
  • CPR / AED

Our Class is OUTDOORS!

We take great pride in using our outdoor classroom places to enhance the content of the Wilderness First Aid program.  Every minute spent outdoors adds real life value to the content.     THIS COURSE IS OUTDOORS.  There are indoor facilities at Hunter Valley however the camp is considered “off-grid” and is a rustic natural camp.  This is why we LOVE our time at Hunter Valley – because you really do get away from it all! Oh and there is no cell service either – so you can truly unplug and connect! 


What to Bring?

We also ask that each participant bring a “day pack” that would be similar to what you would carry on a day trip or work trip outdoors so that you can use items you would likely have with you.  There is no wrong way to do anything when you are improvising.

  • A detailed WHAT TO BRING list will be sent to course participants upon registration and closer to the course date.
  • Participants will be required to provide ALL THEIR OWN FOOD and PERSONAL CAMPING NEEDS.  In order to minimize contact with other participants, no food sharing/preparation should be done.