| Mini Sessions |

We at Back40 believe that first aid knowledge should be accessible to everyone.

Certification is rewarding. It is also a workplace requirement. But certification is not necessary for everyone. Mini-Sessions are a great alternative for those that do not need certification or for special interest groups.

| Upcoming Public Mini-Sessions |

  • Trip Wise & Trail Ready – Thursdays May 2-30 $180
  • Backpacking for Beginners @ Gem Lakes (May Long Weekend) $265
  • Guided Multi-Day Hike: NUT POINT TRAIL July 15-18 $285
  • | Custom Mini-Sessions |

    Mini Sessions are a great way to customize learning for your group. Content is tailored to:
    • The group requesting (minimum # people usually = 8)
    • The time frame requested
    • The age range (youth, teen, adult, senior)
    • The specialty (sport/activity specific, work environment, group profession)
    • The extras

    Splints & Slings
    • 3 different types of slings
    • Suggestions on improvising materials
    • Basic arm splint using improvised materials
    Hypothermia management
    • Hypothermia wraps with ropes
    • Hypothermia management theory
    • CPR / AED
    • Non-certification CPR skills training or skills review
    • AED training for workplace implementation
    • See Home CPR Parties (link)

    This list is not limited to these topics. If you have an idea for a mini-session we are happy to develop a lesson specifically for you and your group.

    To book your custom mini session, please contact us directly to schedule your training!


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