CPR Parties at Home

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Many people host home parties for things like Jewelry, Tupperware, candles and home décor. Why not host a CPR Party instead and learn valuable lifesaving skills!

DURATION: 2-2.5 hours

SETTING: We come to you! Most people enjoy hosting their family and friends in their own homes. If you don’t have a place, we're happy to host too!

SCHEDULING: Unique to each course scheduled.

GROUP SIZE: We ask that you have 6+ people. If you have less, please contact us for more conversation.

COST: It Depends! Please contact us for more information before we provide a quote.


Who is this course for?
Perfect for new parents, grandparents, and family/friends who do not need certification or who could use a refresher. With new babies and young children in the house it is always good to refresh on basic skills for choking emergencies and basic CPR for tragic incidents. Nursing moms?! That’s cool with us!

Can babies/toddlers/children/pets be present?
Absolutely! We prefer it! We will show you landmarking on your own children so you better understand and we do a lot of SAFE hands-on practicing.

“My spouse already has training so they won’t be there.”
This session is best done as a family or group of friends. Even if your spouse gets certified at work, this intimate session is much different when you have your family all there, children present and can discuss potential emergencies all together. Having taught workplace first aid – this cannot even compare and you will find there is a lot of things they just don’t cover in your workplace course that we discuss with you. Trust us – its worth your time!

Can we have snacks/drinks?
Absolutely! These sessions are an awesome excuse to get together as family as well! You’re the host! You choose!

What certification do I receive?
This is a non-certification course therefore you will not be issued certification. If you need certification, please contact us for more conversation.

To book your own private CPR party at home, please contact us directly to schedule your training!


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