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Do you have a group of friends who you would like to take a course with specifically?

Are you an employer who has employees working in remote settings? Do they use ATV’s and have the potential for extended situations in the field due to restricted access?

Do you do cool things with other cool people and want to cover content specifically to your activity?

Let us build a custom course that:

• Has focused attention to the work or activity you participate in
• Acknowledges the need for specific conversations around workplace procedures or activity specific variables
• Is scheduled around your calendar of availability
• Is closed to the general public therefore it’s all about you
• Is at your choice of location or we decide for you

Non Certification Custom Courses

First Aid skills/knowledge are highly perishable skills. Not everyone needs to (or can) take a full certification course... but everyone should know first aid!

Customized training lets you choose content that is important to your activity/work in a timeframe that you can commit to. This may also be beneficial to high risk groups/remote workplaces that want to maintain their skillset or who want to advance their scenario training.


The only limitation we have for setting a schedule for custom courses is that we meet the required hours for those pursuing certification. Otherwise there are no restrictions. Consider your options and provide us suggestions:

• Some evening sessions prior to full field days
• Scheduled over an extended period of time instead of back-to-back days
• Overnight trips allow for longer days but less days overall
• Holidays/long weekends

To book your custom course, please contact us directly to schedule your training!


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