Your First Aid Matters

December 16, 2018By Back40 TrainingBack40 Everyday First Aid

For every story you have heard (or possibly be involved in) that a Doctor, Paramedic, Nurse, Rescue Crew, STARS crew, etc have been thanked for saving a life – there is a First Aider or Bystander or Family Member/Friend that should also be recognized. Your first aid matters. In rural, remote, and wilderness settings everyone … Read More

This is Our Classroom

December 14, 2018By Back40 TrainingBack40 Wilderness First Aid

It’s 5 degrees outside, a warm day in November, and I am stuck inside teaching. The fluorescent lights are flickering at the back of this stuffy room and I look around to see some students, engrossed on their phones, mistakenly not taking advantage of this break to go get some fresh air. It’s a good … Read More

No One Plans to Get Hurt

December 9, 2018By Back40 TrainingBack40 Wilderness First Aid

So you call yourself “outdoorsy”? Me too! Let me guess: • You love to play outdoors and you likely have several stories of adventures you have been on. But that is just your beginning! • You are just starting out on your pursuit of being “outdoorsy” but you’ve at least got your feet wet and … Read More

Back40 Beginnings

December 4, 2018By Back40 TrainingBack40 Wilderness First Aid

Over the years, I have seen the evolution of First Aid training. I’ve taught First Aid since high-school as a Lifeguard and have acquired several levels of training including Emergency Medical Responder and Wilderness First Responder in addition to my Advanced Instructor with the Red Cross. Things have changed, some have stayed the same, and … Read More