| Back40 Wilderness First Aid |

Back 40 Wilderness First Aid is our way to connect with other “outdoorsy” people who could use a little guidance on what to do when faced with their worst trip ever. We can’t promise you it won’t happen. And we would certainly never encourage you to just stay home, indoors, where it is safer. But we can promise you a training experience that will leave you feeling more prepared and more confident in your ability to manage through that fateful day you are hit with a sickening feeling – “I don’t know what to do!”.



| Back40 Everyday First Aid |

Back 40 Everyday First Aid is our core connection to Saskatchewan’s people. Anyone growing up in rural Saskatchewan could tell you what back forty means and likely share endless stories of people who were sick, injured or killed in the back forty. These stories share a common theme – Being the furthest away, in the middle of “nowhere”, with a medical emergency is inconvenient at best. In every case, first aid mattered and common sense prevailed.

Saskatchewan rural life is still thriving and Saskatchewan people are living and working in areas where time seems to slow down and patience becomes a virtue, especially when dealing with an emergency. Our hope is to connect with any individual, club, organization, social circle, or business who contributes to our Saskatchewan community to focus on the everyday first aid situations that may befall them. There should be no barrier to learning first aid.


back • forty

/bak/ /fôrti/

1. The back side of the farm;
2. A Quarter section of land (160 acres) divided into four quarter-quarter sections of 40 acres each – 2 x Front 40 & 2 x Back 40;
3. A hard to access piece of land that is remote, rough, and unforgivingly uncultivated where shit usually goes wrong in a really inconvenient kind of way.

Meet Rebecca

Back40 Training is a living dream. It was sitting in the back of my mind for many years. I graduated University, struggled my way through finding a career path, got married, had two beautiful daughters, moved around, got divorced, and found myself still teaching First Aid through all life’s transitions.

Along the way, thanks to my volunteer work with Saskatoon Search and Rescue, I found myself reconnecting with the soul boosting power of being outside and my smouldering joy for teaching. I met a man who took my hand and offered to share with me of all the amazing things we can do outside like hiking, camping, paddling, rock climbing, ice climbing, and generally just exploring. I found great pleasure in sharing any fresh air experience with my daughters and showing them that girls can be outdoorsy too!

I am a woman who wants something to call my own and to be so damn proud of it. I wanted to combine my outdoor activities with my teaching. I wanted to love what I do every single day and let the fresh air revitalize the bad days. I wanted flexibility to be home for my girls when they need me and to have time for my community groups too. I wanted my work to matter. Back40 is my new beginning!


Instructor Credentials
• Red Cross Training Partner
• Red Cross Advanced Emergency Care Instructor
• Red Cross Advanced Wilderness First Aid Instructor
• Red Cross Babysitting Instructor
• Adventure Smart Presenter

Responder Credentials
• Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder
• BLS inc. Airway Management & Oxygen

Search & Rescue Credentials
• Team Leader
• Initial Response Search Manager
• Team Leader Instructor
• ICS 100 & 200
• Basic Emergency Management
• Individual & Group Crisis Intervention (CISM)

B. Sc. Kinesiology


Meet Ian

There has not been a time in my life where I did not find a connection to the outdoors. I am a big kid at heart and thrive on activity, fresh air and a little heart jumping thrill! To this day, I continue to seek out and enjoy back country adventures like Ice Climbing and Fat Tire Riding with my Dad who is over 70 years old! With a roll model like him, and the unwavering support of my mother, I have experienced many adventures with a sense of wonder and joy that I enjoy sharing with others when I can as well. I am a career Firefighter & Paramedic and a jack-of-all trades Contractor in my day to day life. Although I love my career, there is equal reward for being a facilitator, providing guidance for those who truly fill the time between an “OMG!” situation and First Responders arriving. When Rebecca approached me with the dream she had to bring Back40 to life I couldn’t contain my desire to help her make this dream a reality.

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